Persian Rug by Negarin, 225x150cm

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Persian Rug by Negarin, 225x150cm


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(The price shown here is for the 225 x 150 cm rug. Please contact us to order any other size.)

Presented to you by Persian Art Emporium, this exquisite rug is a beautiful design by Negarin Carpets.

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This fine, soft and beautiful acrylic fibre rug provides a wool-feel and look through softer and more pleasant to the skin, as well as a good combination of attractive colors and a good stain resistance. It is lightweight, absorbs and releases moisture rapidly, and is durable and easy to clean and maintain.

This genuine Persian rug is to be seen and touched in order to be appreciated, and by far superior to cheap imitations in every aspect.


  • Can you customise this design?
    • Yes, this design can be manufactured to your desired measurements (for instance it can be ordered as a runner).
  • What if I don’t like to have fringes?
    • We can produce this rug without the fringes too.
  • Is this rug easy to clean?
    • Yes. Like most of our rugs, a sponge and lukewarm soapy water can remove the majority of stains. For more persistent stains we recommend a professional rug stain remover such as Dr Beckmann’s.
  • Is it alright to frequently hoover my rug?
    • Sure. Vacuum cleaning your rug keeps it fresh and clean, and will not adversely affect your rug.


Design Number: 7504 – Red